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Enrique Oroz


Enrique Oroz's paintings reflect a violent yet fruitful reassessment of the symbols of art history and pop culture.

Born in Ciudad Obregon Mexico, from a very young age moved to Guadalajara. Oroz is obsessed with the fundamentals of eroticism and religion, making unrestrained vitality and the mystery of death, the predominant themes of his work.

In regards to his interest in religious art, the artist has expressed: “What I do is to reinvent this type of painting with a base in history and the present time by making incursions into an exhausted pictorial world and generating a new language, [...] I try to create a possible painting, in constant dialogue with reality, and in the meantime shake off the dust of the spectator’s eye in a city like Guadalajara, where it is customary to observe art and painting in an excessively passive manner".


Predominantly self-taught, Enrique Oroz is a very free painter whose images are strongly reminiscent of the great masters as well as challenging insertions of popular culture icons. As Rubén Bonet points out: "Atmospheres that refer to "Goya's Esperpento" combined with a low-budget Warhol and nods to Pollock's neo-expressionism". The exaltation of alcoholism as a way of life is notorious in his works and in the way the artist sees the world, but this does not alter the enormous control he exercises over his executions.

Enrique Oroz

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