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Espectacular de lucha libre

Lourdes Grobet

For years, Lourdes Grobet has devoted her work to the theme of Lucha Libre with a rigorous passion still known as finesse. She has discerned, digested and displayed the cohesive ambiance of this sport (Spectacle) (Theater of headbutt Theology) (The milieu of the arena, the festive life of men in masks, the children with facial settings drawn from Lucha Libre, the female wrestlers and their highly inspired choreographies). She has created a series that joins scattered elements: what goes on in the ring, with woman bent on either rewriting historic femininity or tenderly nurturing their children… Grobet has fixed her gaze on the agglomerations and solitudes of a very complex spectacle that is sport and, then again, spectacle. These are photos that bear mobile witness to her addiction to a very popular field.

De La Lucha Libre Como Olimpo Enmascarado

Carlos Monsiváis

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